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  • Progressive Curriculum
  • Immersive Mandarin and English

International School News

  • Food and Lodging

    Teachers and students enjoy a variety of comfortable and convenient living arrangements. Although the majority of students stay in the school dormitories during the week, it isn't mandatory. Parents are permitted to pick up their children at the...

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  • Guilin International School

    Guilin Sunny School is proud to invite students and prospective teachers to visit our campus and see what has so many people excited about our program. Our facilities and curriculum are designed to provide an immersive English environment, similar to...

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  • Happiest Students... Best Teachers

    Guilin Sunny School Where students go home happy and excited to tell their parents about what they did in school... showing new dances and singing new songs.

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  • Hiring English Teachers

    Needed: Native English Speaking Teachers in Guilin, China Guilin Sunny School is hiring two English foreign teachers for 1 year contracts, minimum.  The positions are available immediately for the right applicants. Amenities: Guilin is well known...

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  • Sunny School Soccer/Football Team

    Congratulations to Sunny School's Football/Soccer squad for their 6th place finish in this past weekend's city tournament! This is our first year fielding a team and we are very pleased with their rapid development. We look to continue to bring...

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Phone:  +86-180-773-33019

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guilin Sunny School

Guilin Sunny School International Program is the answer for parents looking for something outside of the mainstream Chinese school system. This program combines the best of the Chinese education system with the best of the Western education system. Sunny School is a progressive, well-appointed institution, and is fully committed to the goal of exposing our students to alternative teaching methods geared towards improving their language ability, while also providing the instruction and preparation necessary to score high on the required national exams. 

Chinese School Curriculum

In the mornings, students participating in the international program will join the main student body for morning assembly and exercises, then attend classes in Math, Chinese, Physical Education, Art, Music and other classes, taught in Mandarin Chinese.

English International School Program

After lunch, students participating in the International Program will study English, Social Science, Science and Health in an English immersive environment. The afternoon classes will be taught by Western teacher using Western methods and entirely in the English language. Our foreign teachers, currently from Australia and Canada are

The classroom atmosphere is a happy one where self-discipline, individual thinking and creativity are encouraged and cultivated. However, Chinese-speaking assistants help students who need it. Classes are held in comfortable, clean, bright, well appointed classrooms, dedicated to the international program.

The subject curriculums of the International Program combine the best ideas carefully selected from various Western countries, including the US, UK and Australia, creating an effective program designed to help children learn to be not just scholars, but leaders and creative thinkers as well.

We currently have students from the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Holland in the program. Our program is a good choice for the English speaking foreign families, living in Guilin. It is also a good fit for Chinese families, who are looking for an English immersion education for their children, who already speak some English.

Our program is more relaxed than the intensive Chinese curriculum, in which students study during most of their free time. We feel that children need time to play and spend time with family as well as learn in a scholastic environment. Our students, who have participated in the program from Grade 1 though Grade 6 will have the same educational level at the end of Grade 6 as students of the same level in English-speaking countries.

If you are interested in more information about our international school program, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Testimonials by some of our proud parents:

As the parent of two children at Guilin Sunny School, I was pleased when the school started a special program with all afternoon lessons conducted in English by very qualified native English speaking teachers (one Canadian and one Australian).  My children enjoy the lessons there and speaking English in afternoon classes has helped their English levels appreciably.  Their morning classes, conducted in Chinese are well taught and their abilities in math, Chinese and other subjects continue to be excellent. 
J. Sims